Weekly Market Highlights 1-16-17

Market Report Colony Foods (7)

Weekly Market Highlights

  • Wheat futures prices are higher this week. Basis premium prices are firm to higher as winter weather conditions continue to interfere with wheat loading and rail performance.
  • Much of the strength in wheat futures began when the USDA updated winter wheat conditions and the ratings dropped sharply for Kansas and Oklahoma.
  • Forecasts are calling for a change to the dry trend that has left the winter wheat crop unsheltered from bitter cold by a good covering of snow. If the moisture that is expected materializes, it will be a great relief to producers.
  • Focus later today will be on how the market reacts to newly published USDA reports. After years of record harvest resulting in low prices, farmers are planting less wheat. Participants will be comparing the new USDA crop estimates with trade estimates searching for any surprises. 
  • We expect some support for prices at these levels and continuing basis volatility as winter weather will be with us for some time.

Facts on Flour

All Trumps, a premium high-gluten flour, is a true legend in the baking industry and continues to be the standard against which
all high-gluten flours are measured. The highest protein level of the high-gluten flours, King Kaiser, is available west of the
Rockies, and matches All Trumps’ high standards in unbleached, unbromated flour.
Description: A high quality, enriched, malted high gluten flour milled from a selected blend of hard red spring wheat. Available
bleached or unbleached, bromated* or unbromated.
Uses: Bagels, thin crust pizza, hard rolls, hearth breads.
*Bromated flour available east of the Rockies only