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Colony Foods: 2014 & 2016 Business of the Year

“Colony Foods will deliver the goods, the service, and the ideas that will make our customer more profitable.”

Colony Foods is a third-generation, family owned wholesale distributor of the food, packaging, and supplies that are necessary for restaurants to operate. Established in 1988 in Lawrence, MA, the company measures its success by the success of its customers, developing value-added marketing and loyalty rewards programs that contribute to their customers’ bottom line. 

While the weakened economy over the past five years led many distributors to close their doors, Colony Foods was able to grow at no less than 10 percent per year under the leadership of CEO Derek Barbagallo, increasing its staffing to ensure consistent, quality service.

Demonstrating its core values of relationships, compassion, and generosity, Colony Foods supports many local charities and donates food, supplies, and money to community shelters and churches. 

Colony also works in conjunction with Valley Works Career Center to help find jobs and build careers for young adults. 

The company and its 55 employees feel a shared responsibility for the well-being of the community where they call home and work to help strengthen and develop it.

As a local, community-oriented company, Colony Foods focuses on developing strong, lasting relationships, helping its customers and employees succeed, and demonstrating compassion to the individuals they touch every day.

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As an independent family-owned and operated business specializing in the Pizzeria and Sandwich Shop segment since 1989 Colony Foods appreciates the needs and barriers for profitable growth facing our customers today. At Colony, our employees understand we earn their trust each time we walk through their front or back door.

Colony shares the challenges of maintaining and growing a profitable Independent business in these days of increased competition and we strive to develop and nurture a reputation as “THE” distributor & supplier partner of differentiation. We encourage our supplier partners to take a vested interest in our success and strive to offer our “mutual” customers Fresh Ideas and New Items which will insure our Customer’s Success and therefore the success of all.

Colony Foods roots go back nearly 100 years when the Barbagallo’s migrated from Italy to America and settled in Lawrence, Ma. Colony’s Patriarch, Joseph Mario Barbagallo was born in 1923 and worked in the family’s produce and retail provisions

Joseph later served in the Army and upon his return trained and became a Master Chef. Although Cooking was his passion, entrepreneurialism was in his blood. In the 1950’s Joseph Mario began Colony Provision. In time, all three of his sons, Joseph Charles, Michael and Paul worked in the family business and from there went out on their own. Michael began Colony Express, Joseph Charles began Belmont Provisions and Paul joined Joseph Mario in Colony Provisions.

Colony Foods, as we know it today, began in 1989 when Colony Provisions, Colony Express, and Belmont Provisions came together and began Colony Foods. Today Colony Food’s ownership/management team includes the third generation of Barbagallo’s with the addition of Derek, Joseph Thomas, and Paul Jason. Joseph Mario, the Patriarch of the family and company passed in 2001.

Colony Foods stocks over 1800 items and takes pride in offering a Mix of National Products like Stanislaus, General Mills and Grande and augments the mix with its own widely accepted Suprema Branded items.

Today’s Colony is more than quality products, unsurpassed service, and competitive prices…they strive to differentiate loyal customers by searching out those Fresh Ideas and New Items that will separate them from their competitor insuring continued growth to all business partners profitably for years and years to come. Hence, supporting a new idea by becoming a Legacy Distributor Member in 2009 was an easy decision.

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