Adding Desserts For More Profits


Delicious Desserts

We have baked individually wrapped cookies from Best Maid, these cookies taste homemade and look hand wrapped, ready to sell with a scan-able label. They have a 10-day shelf life and big cookies mean big profits!!

We stock a chocolate chip (40020), M&M (40025), oatmeal raisin (40030), Snickerdoodle (40027), and white chocolate macadamia (40028). They come packed 6/24 in the case and the customer can buy them by the 24 count package, I would recommend a selling price of $125.99 which makes each 24 count package $21.00, which makes each cookie $.88 cents and because they are 3oz cookies you  can sell them from $1.99-

Individually wrapped brownie from Best Maid, with the same great packaging and homemade taste! Our product code 40040 packed 30/3oz bars, and I would recommend a selling price of $19.90 which makes each bar $.67 you can sell it for around the same price as the cookie!

Steve’s Snacks whoopie pies: These yummy pies are another thaw and display item already wrapped up and ready for sales. Once thawed they have a 14 day shelf life! We stock amazing flavors like red velvet (40075), orange n crème (40080), red velvet (40075), orange n crème (40080), chocolate chip (40070), peanut butter (40065), and chocolate (40060). They are all packed 12/6oz whoopies and I would recommend a selling price of $15.95, which makes each whoopie $1.33, you can re-sell it for $2.50-$2.99!

New York Cheesecake cubes covered with a sweet and crispy par fried batter coating. This amazing item is packed 4/3 pound bags, and you get somewhere between 19-21 per pound. This is perfect by itself or with ice cream! Our code is 40005 and I would recommend a selling price of $ 4.25 a pound which makes each case cost

$51.00. With the piece count on the low side you would be looking at a $.23 cent cost and on the high side $.21 cent cost.

Premixed fully prepared dough which can simply be thawed, portioned and baked into quality cookies is another wonderful option that we carry here at colony foods and it is called the Karp’s scoop and bake cookies packed in an 18-pound pail! Our product code is 40370, and I would recommend a selling price of $55.00.

Authentic baklava packed by Kronos and it comes in two trays with 72, 2.66 ounce pieces in a tray. It is prepared the traditional way with extra honey syrup!! It is our code 40390 and I would recommend a selling price of $45.00.

Delicious cannoli products either, the shells are easy to stuff, and unmistakable for fragrance and crispness of its wafer, our product code 40255 and they are packed 48 in the case. I would recommend a selling price of $18.50 which makes each shell a cost of $.39 cents. We also have a delicious cream to fill the inside of them with and they come in easy to use pastry bags! Our code is 40250 and they come packed 4/1.5 pound bags. This makes it easy to do, and they taste extremely amazing and are fresh filled