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The New England Pizza Conference is coming. Reserve your spot today!



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Pizza Savor

Are you tired of a getting a greasy soggy pizza delivered? Ask your favorite Pizzeria for a Pizza Savor and your pizza won’t be soggy & greasy.


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Truck Drivers

We are currently accepting applications for truck drivers in several areas of our growing business based in Lawrence, MA.

Our ideal candidates would need to be 21 years old, able to handle a 24’ box truck in city areas and unload using a 2 wheeler.  Candidates must have a clean driving record, able to drive standard transmission, CDL license not required and would need to interact with our customers professionally.  Knowledge of food distribution and DOT Health Card a plus, salary based on experience.

Positions available are not for individuals who make excuses. If you are not afraid to work hard and reap the benefits of that hard work, then please forward your resume to Paul Cresta at cresta@colonyfoods.com or call  978-794-1500 after 10:00 a.m.




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                Money making Marketing Tips

                Free ways to increase business

Rest Room Posting: Post new menu, specials & upcoming events on this lost wall space.

Take every opportunity to address customers. Each time you remind a customer of what you offer, you’re building consumer confidence. Business Dictionary defines it as “Advertising theory that a consumer has to be exposed to an ad at least three times within a purchasing cycle (time between two consecutive purchases) to buy that product.

Contact your Colony Foods Sales Consultant for more great ideas or to speak with a Marketing Specialist.

money image

               Money making Marketing Tips

               Free ways to increase business


On site Marketing: Signage, table tents, receipt messaging 

Who doesn’t like the word “Special”? If you don’t have a ‘Specials Board” you may be losing out on increased revenue. Using in house ingredients can be a great way to offer something new without spending more on inventory. And don’t forget to make your “special” sound appetizing. For example: Bleu Cheese Burger & Fries, doesn’t sound as appealing as: Char broiled burger with tangy bleu cheese, crisp lettuce, vine ripened tomato served with crispy seasoned fries.

It’s summer, how about creating a special salad? Offer it at one price or $1 less if they order with any pizza.


Many Manufactures will offer free POS material such as Table Tents or posters. Be sure to ask your Sales Consultant what may be available to you. If you’re already using a table tent, perhaps it’s time to put a new one out, in order to keep things interesting.


If you haven’t included a message on your POS receipt, you’re missing another opportunity. Do you offer online ordering? Be sure to have this on your receipt. If you cater, consider adding “Catering is available”.


Contact your Colony Foods Sales Consultant for more great ideas or to speak with a Marketing Specialist.



Week of 7.27.15 - VAMP


money image

               Money making Marketing Tips

               Free ways to increase business

Server Training: Front of house has key impact on customers, how the phone is answered, how servers greet guests

You don’t have a second chance to make a first impression. Making the most out of every opportunity in the Hospitality Industry starts with the Front of House and how employees are trained to be productive. What would you rather hear, “pick up or delivery” or “Good afternoon, this is XYZ Pizzeria, how may I help you?” Severs should also be trained to greet guests upon entering your store. Customers are walking through the door planning on spending their money, they deserve a simple “Hello” and just as important, is a smile. We all know the line from the Jerry McQuire movie, “You had me at Hello”.


Contact your Colony Foods Sales Consultant for more great ideas or to speak with a Marketing Specialist.



Week of 7.13.15 - Barber Crunchie Tenders


Colony Foods will be open normal hours next week. Have a wonderful and safe celebration this Independence Day!

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award 1

award 2

Award 3



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Digital Menu Board Design

Choosing your menu template and design within your software not only communicates your product to customers, it gives your brand a visual identity. Through the structure, colors, and various design elements, you can optimize your menu for the best readability. Cluttered menus are a common problem, creating unnecessary noise between your offering and customers.

1.) Use categories, columns, and rows to structure your template

Menu content needs to be structured in an orderly fashion for customers to easily understand it and determine what to order. Categories sort items into groups. For example, your salads should be in the same area, so customers can easily comprehend all of your salad offerings. Columns and rows structure your content within categories, making it easy to understand from a distance. For example, usually all names are in one column with the price in the next column. Rows separate each menu item.

2.) There should be a hierarchy of text

Category headings should be the largest, sub categories second largest, and items/descriptions/prices third largest. Text weight (boldness) can also be used to create a hierarchy of text. In this case, the top of your menu should include more bold lettering, sub categories slightly lighter, and items/descriptions/prices the lightest.

The absolute smallest font size you should use is ~20-30 pt (or 26-40 pixels). A general rule of thumb is for every 10 ft. of distance between your customers and the menu your text should grow taller by an inch.

3.) Proper balance moves the eyes

Avoid using heavy visual weight on only one side (or screen) of the menu, it will lessen the chance customers will look elsewhere and have the opportunity to browse your full menu. If you have two digital menu boards and one is full of color and large images, then customers won’t focus on the other screen. Creating balance will allow the customer to move through the menu efficiently and make the best buying decision.

4.) Don’t overuse images

There is no exact rule of thumb for the number of images on your digital menu, however, too many can hurt your design. You want to create a proper visual balance (see below), and make sure that the images don’t get in the way of conveying the information of your menu. Some menus look great without any images at all.

“Images entice customers. For pictures of your product, always use your own professional, real images, as businesses often get criticized when their offering doesn’t live up to photo shopped stock images used for advertising. Stock images should only be used for thematic background purposes.” -Enplug’s Lead Content Developer, Gabby

5.) Avoid harsh contrast and saturation

Whether its images, text, or background, avoid using high contrast and saturated color combinations. These colors are hard to read and tire the eyes out fast.

6.) Convey your brand

Your menu board visually symbolizes your brand through the text, color scheme, and overall theme of your design. Pick and choose elements from your website, logo, and store to conceptualize a menu design right for you.

7.) Your menu needs breathing room

There needs to be empty spaces surrounding your text/images so your menu doesn’t become too crowded or cluttered. Having negative space around objects creates definition and will make your content more visible to customers.

BONUS: Landscape or Portrait Menu Boards

When setting up a digital menu board, you can choose to design and display your menu in either landscape or portrait. Determine which orientation is better suited to efficiently fit your menu content. Also factor in the area which your screen is being installed, as it may only work with a certain orientation. Take the screen orientation into consideration when choosing a screen.

Colony Foods can help you grow your business. Ask your Colony Sales Consultant for more information.




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The picture of health: Pizza is good for you, no matter what the media says.

Despite pizza’s bad rap in recent media coverage, many nutrition experts says America’s favorite food can be a healthy dining option.

By Andy Knef.

Like anything else, too much pizza can be bad for you, but most nutritionists and fitness experts agree that pizza in moderation is a healthy food.

Danny Klimetz

America’s favorite food seems to be perennially under attack. But despite dire warnings from health advocates and news media scaremongers who blame pizza for obesity in children, many nutrition experts say pizza is not only delicious; it can also be a healthy food choice.

Nutritional studies that trashed pizzerias for heaping on the salt were widely promoted in late 2014, but the blockbuster assault came with a study published in Pediatrics, the journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, in January 2015. In that report, researchers blamed pizza for boosting calories, saturated fat and sodium in the diets of American children and adolescents. News outlets around the country, including ABC’s Good Morning America and The New York Times, touted the study, but it was a recent report in the Tampa Bay Times that got Matt McClellan’s attention. Now McClellan, owner of two Tour De Pizza (tourdepizza.com) stores in St. Petersburg, Florida, and the inventor of the 30-Day Pizza Diet, is ready to go to war on behalf of pizzerias and the food he loves to eat every day.

“Our industry is taking a beating from thousands of doctors and so-called nutrition experts who are attacking pizza to make a profit,” McClellan says. “These biased advocates for public health don’t even eat healthily themselves, but they’re taking money out of our pockets. I want to be a voice to stop the assault on pizza.”





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Community Cleanup Phase 1

Community Cleanup – Phase 1


Community Cleanup

Community Cleanup

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U.S. Poultry Industry Statement on

Detection of Avian Influenza in the United States


March 13, 2015

No Threat to Public Health; Food Supply Safe

In light of the recent detections of avian influenza (AI) in the United States, the U.S. poultry industry would like to assure the public that detailed response plans are in place for controlling the spread of the virus and for eliminating the virus entirely. The U.S. government and poultry industries have sophisticated systems and techniques to detect the introduction of the virus into a commercial poultry flock and have proven methods to quickly eliminate the virus. The U.S. poultry industry has a strong avian influenza testing and detection program administered by the federal National Poultry Improvement Plan, in addition to each state’s individual response plan. Poultry farmers also maintain strict biosecurity measures year-round, keep their flocks protected from wild birds and routinely test flocks for avian influenza.

The network of state and federal agencies, working in conjunction with the poultry industry, has already executed procedures to quarantine any affected flock and reduce the impact of these instances. None of birds from the affected flocks are viable for sale and have not entered the food chain.

Though two different strains of the AI virus have been detected, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service have confirmed there is no immediate public health concern with either of these avian influenza viruses. Both H5N2 and H5N8 viruses have been found in other parts of the world and have not caused any human infection to date. As a reminder though, the proper handling and cooking of poultry to an internal temperature of 165 °F kills bacteria and viruses.

The poultry industry will continue to monitor flocks for the virus.

For more information about the ongoing avian influenza disease incident, visit the APHIS website. More information about avian influenza can be found on the USDA avian influenza website.





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Recently, my son James came to visit us, and we ordered two multi-topping pies from a local pizzeria for delivery.  When the pies arrived and we each took a slice, the look of disappointment of James’ faces said it all.  His slice began to droop right before my eyes, the cheese and toppings sliding off the end.  With my slice, it quickly became a race to eat it before all the toppings fell off and landed in my plate or, worse, on my shirt.  The crust was soggy and wet.  A pool of grease had formed on a grooved piece of paper that lined the pizza box under the pie.

Since I had picked the pizza shop we ordered from, I was embarrassed-after all, pizza is my passion and my business.  I called the pizzeria, and Sal, the owner assured me he takes pride in his pizza, spends more on his ingredients and uses a liner under the pie to ensure quality.  As an alternative, I ordered two more pies from Sal and sent James down with several black, raised mesh screens.  I had Sal put a screen in each delivery box, place the pie on top, cut it, close the box and give the pies to James.  I also suggested that Sal do his customers-and his

business-a favor by trying a little experiment:  Make two of those same multi-topping pies and box them up, one with the screen and one without it, then take both home and check their condition when he arrived.  I wanted him so see firsthand what kind of delivery product his customers were receiving!

There are many products that claim to solve the wet, soggy and greasy pizza problem.  Pizzerias such as Portland, Maine-based Otto Pizza (ottoportland.com) and Jimmy’s Pizza Too (jimmyspizzatoo.com) in Lowell, Massachusetts, use a unique mesh screen from Pizza Savor that works well on a wide range of multi-topping pies.  There are other solutions on the market, so do your own research.  Your takeout/delivery pies will not be judged on how it looks going into the box, but on how it looks sliding out?



Portland rule


Compostable products use less energy and water, and release less harmful pollution, than their conventional counterparts. For example, manufacturing bio-based plastic from corn takes only half as much energy as manufacturing conventional plastic from petroleum.1

Reducing the volume of litter in our world is a key benefit of switching to compostable products. Reducing the volume of plastic in our waste streams is an especially meaningful goal.2

It is important to note that “compostable plastic” requires commercial composting facilities to fulfill its promise of decomposing quickly and completely. Commercial composting facilities maintain the ideal conditions that are necessary for efficient bio-degradation of compostable plastics.3

Page Notes:

1. Benefits of Compostables, World Centric, http://worldcentric.org/about-compostables/benefits

2. Benefits of Compostables, World Centric, http://worldcentric.org/about-compostables/benefits

3. Benefits of Compostables, World Centric, http://worldcentric.org/about-compostables/benefits



refer education


Constantly improving!  In this photo: Colony Foods’ Paul Cresta and Paul J Barbagallo (left to right) are learning about state of the art ultra efficient refrigeration units.  Colony Foods understands the importance of using the best available technology to transport our goods. Cutting costs by not using the proper gear when carrying food puts the public’s health at risk.



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Week of 3.23.15 - Keurig SP Loyalty Points

Coming soon to a pizzeria near you!!

Pizza Savor Box

Some great Hot Dog Recipes.

  1. Peach Salsa Dog: Give hot dogs a fresh, spicy kick with a summery topping of peaches, chopped jalapeno.
  2. Guacamole Dog: For an extra Tex-Mex twang, add a dollop of salsa to each dog.
  3. Cubano Dog: Top your dogs with ham, Swiss cheese, pickles, and spicy mustard for a creative take on a Cuban sandwich.
  4. Bacon BBQ Dog: Who needs burgers? When you can have a hot dog slathered with barbecue sauce, Cheddar cheese, and crumbled bacon.
  5. Steak House Dog: Upgrade your ballpark dogs with tomatoes, onions, & steak sauce to give them a steak house.
  6. Mac & Cheese Dog: Kids and comfort food addicts will go crazy for these mac-and-cheese-topped dogs.
  7. Reuben Dog: Transform a favorite sandwich by topping your hot dog with sauerkraut, Swiss cheese & 1,000 Island Dressing.
  8. Salty Dog: Mustard, pickle slices, & crumbled bacon are an easy way to give hot dogs a flavor punch.
  9. Tropical Dog: Bring a vacation vibe to your hot dog with pineapple & sweet cherry pepper topping.



If you LOVE a  good  Pizza, as much as I do,  then please read on then I have something I want to share with all my FB friends and their friends.

Next time you order a pizza either take-out or Delivery, open the box, is your pie wet, soggy and sitting in grease?   Please take a picture of the pie, before you eat it.   Slide a slice out; please send me a picture of the slice & the bottom of the box. Upload to your FB page and comment on the pizza.   Does the pizza look like one of the below?

greasy 1greasy 2greasy 3

I have now learned that there is no reason for your Take-Out or Delivered Pie to be wet, soggy and full of grease any longer!  Your pizza can be as good as if you got it out of the oven…warm, dry and not greasy from soaking up all that extra fat & unnecessary  calories grease like a sponge.   

I want all those who LOVE a good quality Pie to know there is an inexpensive product which will finally solve the age old problem of wet & soggy take out and delivery Pie.   I found it and it is called Pizza-Savor® 


pizza savorpizza savor screen


Pizza savor

Go to Pizzasavor.com.  Next time you order pie and if by the time you get it home it is soggy wet or greasy call the pizzeria and tell them they need to go to Pizzasavor.com and get a sample.

Pizza Savor®is made in the USA, made and packaged in a food safety clean room,  dishwasher safe, can withstand heat up to 400 degrees, reusable and the pizza can be cut on it.  Silicone and BPA free.  BPA is “Bisphonel A”, which is found in metal and plastic products that seeps into food or beverages from containers that are made with BPA. Exposure to BPA is a concern because of possible health effects on the brain, behavior and prostate gland of fetuses, infants and children.








Week of 3.16.15 - LaNova


Lenten Recipes:
crabmeat pizza


Crabmeat Pizza

    • one cup Armanino Pesto
    • 16 ounces Seafarer Crab Meat Surimi
    •  Artichoke hearts, drained, sliced
    • 1/2 cup Kalamata olives or other brine-cured black olives, halved, pitted
    • 1/4 – 1/2 teaspoon dried crushed red pepper
    • 1 tablespoon olive oil
    • Roasted red pepper, thinly sliced
    • Pizza cheese


      Spread crust with pesto, leaving 1/2-inch plain border. Top evenly with crabmeat, artichokes, roast red peppers, olives, and crushed red pepper. Sprinkle cheese over.


Mush and crab pizza

Mushroom & Crab Pizza


16 oz. Seafarer Crabmeat Surmini
2 Tbsp. olive oil
8 oz. mushrooms, thinly sliced
Pizza Sauce
garlic powder
Pizza cheese

Bacon, chopped



Spread tomato sauce on crust. Top with mushrooms, garlic, ½ cheese, chopped bacon, crab meat, then an additional ½ cheese. Bake until toppings are bubbling hot.


pizzaexpo - Pizza Savor and Saalfeld flyer

Week of 3.2.15 - Armanino Coupon

Week of 2.23.15 - Beginning Of Loyalty 2015



It’s All About Food Protection
Every distribution company has its own system for ensuring food protection, which includes food safety (protecting food from accidental contamination) and food defense (guarding food from intentional contamination).

“Best-in-class foodservice distributors go to great lengths and expense to protect the products they deliver,” says Steve Potter, senior vice president of industry relations for the International Foodservice Distributors Association (IFDA), a trade association. Several federal agencies oversee food regulation and safety in America, including the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), which regulates and monitors meat, poultry and egg products; the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which ensures the safety of the production, processing, packaging and storing of domestic and imported foods; and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which collaborates with USDA and FDA on disease surveillance and outbreak response.

Of the three, USDA and FDA interact most often with the foodservice supply chain. The “best practices” guidelines (more on these later) prepared by these agencies cover a multitude of processes, from general sanitation to production and packing to transportation and warehousing.

The common thread among best practices can be summed up in four words: “maintaining the cold chain.” A key part of every successful distributor’s food safety program involves refrigerated docks, multiple refrigeration zones within distribution centers and multi-temperature trailers.

“In many ways, the transportation of food can be viewed as an extension of storage,” writes Robert James Hart in his article “Food Science—The Transportation of Food,” a scholarly examination of the chemical and molecular structure of foods and how they break down, for the book Food Transportation.[1] “A refrigerated [truck] is essentially a cold store on wheels. There may be additional engineering complications in designing and maintaining such a mobile storage facility, but the food science considerations are much the same.”


Week of 2.16.15 - McCain Coupon




heart baloons


Love Comes Through the Stomach

It’s now clear that Valentine’s Day is great opportunity to attract new guests in your restaurant. If you did not have success last year, read some ideas for your restaurant promotion on Valentine’s Day and don’t let that failure happen again.
Valentine ‘s Day is the perfect opportunity to introduce your guests with your offer and to give them an unforgettable experience and a romantic evening or lunch in your restaurant.


People, regardless of whether they are old or young are always in demand for new special events and experiences, and for their money they demand more, not only good food but also the appropriate ambiance and something special.
Valentine’s Day is an event when your restaurant simply must be changed into love nest.
If some couple regularly visits your restaurant, it means that they feel comfortable in it and that they like specialties that your restaurant offers. Probably same couple will decide to have dinner at your restaurant on Valentine’s Day so it is very important that you offer something unexpected and unusual. It would not be nice and not fair to them to offer the same atmosphere that your restaurant provides every day.

Are you missing fresh ideas for restaurant promotion on Valentine ’s Day? There are so many ways to attract new guests on this special day. I’ll write about ideas for restaurant promotion that are easily applicable to all restaurants with large and small capacity.

Planning on Time is Very Important!

People around the world are celebrating this special day. If you’ve decided to organize something special for your guests on Valentine’s Day, then let’s make a really special day in your restaurant.
All actions should be well planned. From “menu for lovers” to decorations. Everything is important, every detail.
If you start planning Valentine’s Day on time, then you can expect that traffic will increase and good results will not fail.

Write a list, underline the priorities and go to action.


Use a few different methods for restaurant Marketing.

Promote a special offer through all available advertising channels, your restaurant website, social networks, radio commercials and printed materials. Start with “Happy Valentine’s Day ” and then proceed with a description of the story that you will give to your guests on Valentine’s Day.

Set the ad about your offer for Valentine’s Day in front of the restaurant so that passers would be able to see it easily.


Successful caterers use online advertising for restaurant promotion in their daily work.
Do not forget to advertise your special offer for Valentine’s Day via web, Social networks , Facebook, Google +, Twitter and specialized Internet portals like Urban spoon, TripAdvisor, Yelp, Groupon, etc.


Send Greeting Cards to Your Guests


You certainly have in your database contact information about couples who often come in your restaurant together or your guest that you know that they are in a love relationship. Send them greeting cards for Valentine’s Day. This can be done by mail or email depending on what kind of contact information is available. Let the greeting card remain a greeting card, not an advertisement for a restaurant offer. Only at the end of your greeting card instead of “bye” you can write something like: “Free champagne, chocolates, rose, etc. for couples during the Valentine’s Day dinner in our restaurant”. They will become interested in your special offer.

Be sure that your restaurant decorations and dishes that you offer

are marked by love

heart pizza 

There is no food that cannot be served or prepared in a way to look like a symbol of love – heart. See examples on those pictures. With a little imagination, knowledge and skills, which I believe that your chef already has, he or she can make these little masterpieces. Let’s make your special offer for Valentine’s Day really special.


Free Wine or Beer Tasting on Valentine’s Day

This kind of celebration of Valentine’s Day is one of the best celebrations for most of couples I know. That should not be news for you, a few sips of wine or beer will surely intensify the emotions of your guests and the atmosphere will be perfect. It is quite easy to organize a special event like a wine or beer tasting in your restaurant. This certainly promises good fun and that is what we all want right? Just speak to your beverage Distributor for more info.


Restaurant Decorations for Valentine’s Day

The decoration of the restaurant for Valentine’s Day can be done by you.  Be sure to have a lot of red or pink details, heart shaped items and handful of red roses. Let your guests feel a warm and romantic atmosphere at the entrance of your restaurant. Many couples would like to crown their love with an engagement on this particular day. Make your restaurant the perfect place for this event. Red roses and petals of red roses are symbols of love. Be sure that the decorations match with the concept of the restaurant. For example, roses will be a good choice for restaurants with full service, while for restaurants that offer fast food, red balloons will be a better choice. Staff can use rose or heart shaped badge pinned to shirt or t-shirt that will serve quite well.

bear heart tin

Valentine’s Day for Students

Young people are full of enthusiasm and are an excellent target group for Valentine’s. However, their budget is limited so most of them can’t afford a romantic dinner. Adjust prices on your special offer for this group. If they enjoy themselves, maybe they will become the next generation of your regular guests.

you rule 

Have a Happy, Prosperous Valentine’s Day


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