Colony Foods Selection of Products From Fry Foods


Our Selection From Fry Foods 

We stock a full line of delicious options from Fry Foods! There is something in this selection for everyone. Many of our customers are reaping the benefits and seeing excellent profits on some sort of fried food goodness. Why aren’t you enjoying that sale? Great price points make these products a no-brainer to assist with your bottom line.

Let’s take a look at the different varieties of products we offer here at Colony Foods.



Onion Rings From Fry Foods

Yellow gourmet onion ring packed 6/2.5# bags, our product code is 5160.  

 Only the finest sweet Spanish onions are used for this classic side, breaded with Japanese bread crumbs, it is a 3/8” onion ring. Selling price approx.$31.99.  

Beer battered onion ring packed 4/2.5# bags, our product code is 5165.

 A hearty 5/8” steak cut sweet Spanish onion covered with a beer batter.  These onions will appeal to a variety of customers.  Big beer taste with no water added, it is considered a 3/8” onion ring.

Selling price approx.$21.99.  

Homestyle onion ring packed 8/2# bags, our product code 5167.  

 This product is covered with a satisfying Homestyle breading, these 3/8” natural, sweet Spanish onion rings are great for big appetites. Selling price approx. $32.99.  

Suprema battered onion ring packed 4/2.5#bags, our product code is 5170.  

Natural, sweet Spanish onion rings dipped in a tempura-style batter.  Par-fried for a delicately crisp flavor, they are a 3/8” onion ring. Selling price approx. $19.99.  



Breaded mushrooms from Fry Foods

Italian breaded sliced portabella mushrooms packed 4/2# bags, our product code is 6085.  These are portabella mushrooms sliced ½” thick, and coated in an Italian-seasoned breading.

Selling price approx. $32.99.

Homestyle breaded mushroom-packed 4/3# bags, our product code 6105.

 This is a whole button mushroom sealed in their Homestyle bread crumbs, a satisfying addition to your appetizer menu. Selling price approx. $32.99.  



zucchini from Fry Foods

Zucchini sticks packed 4/3#bags, our product code 6090.  

Fresh, firm, crunchy zucchini coated with a light breading.  A perfect and healthier alternative to French fries.

Selling price approx. $23.99.  

Homestyle breaded zucchini slices packed 4/3# bags, our code 6100.  

A crunchy slice of zucchini sealed in flavorful breading Selling price approx. $23.99.  






Mozzarella Sticks breaded and battered

 3” battered mozzarella sticks packed 4/3# bags, our product code 6110.

 Real Wisconsin mozzarella cheese dipped in their specialized batter.  These 3” sticks are creamy, yet firm for durable and dependable preparation.  

I would recommend a selling price of $2.99 a pound.  

2 ¾” battered mozzarella sticks packed 4/3#, our product code 6115.

Selling price approx.  $3.09.  

Oven ready mozzarella sticks packed 4/3# bags, our product code 6135.

 This has the perfect breading for a nice ovenable finish.

Selling price approx. $46.99 a case.

 New to Colony is the deluxe breaded mozzarella sticks packed 6/4# our product code 6137.

 It is made with real Wisconsin mozzarella cheese in a 3 ¼” stick.  Covered in a Homestyle breading with just a touch of savory Italian seasoning.  Perfect for dipping or alone.

Selling price approx. $74.99 a case.  

 Suprema mozzarella sticks are a 3” instead and are packed in a 7-pound box, our product code is 6185.

Selling price approx. $2.69 a pound.  


Breaded Ravioli

Breaded ravioli packed in a 6-pound box, our product code 6140.

 This is another one of their ovenable products, which is great for the customer who doesn’t have a deep fryer.  Selling price approx.$2.99 a pound.  



Jalapeno Poppers

 Cream cheese in the middle packed in a 7-pound box, our product code 6155.  

Halved and seeded jalapeno peppers filled with smooth cream cheese.  Coated with gourmet bread crumbs for an exclusive flavor. Selling price approx. $3.79 a pound.  

Cheddar jalapeno poppers packed in a 7-pound box, our product code 6160.

 This is made with real Wisconsin cheddar cheese inside halved and seeded jalapeno peppers. Gourmet bread crumbs seal in natural flavors and juices, for a tangy, exotic taste.  Selling price approx. $3.79 a pound.  


Battered cheesecake bite packed 4/3# bags, our product code is 40005.  

This is a New York style cheesecake cut into cubes and covered with a sweet and crispy par fried batter coating!

 Selling price approx. $4.59 a pound.