Safeguard your establishment from: Product Recalls, Bacteria Dissemination, Food Poisoning.

If you purchase products, from a Licensed & Regulated Food distributor, like Colony Foods, you would be made aware of product recalls. We have traceability and product recall protocols in place.  This protects our customers, and the public, from serving, and consuming contaminated foods.  When Colony Foods receives, and distributes a product.  We assume the responsibility to inform our customers of potentially dangerous issues, as soon as we are made aware of them.  If a restaurant sources provisions from  a retail store, where you pay cash, then transport products to your establishment.  A clear risk is taken.  The line of traceability, as well as cold chain distribution is broken. 

What is your liability during a product recall that you where unaware of.  Solely because no one could connect you to the product?  At that point you could be standing alone.  The manufacturer, and your Big Box Retail Store had the information. But could not get it to you.  Think about what one incident of Salmonella Poisoning could do to your business’ reputation.  “Penny wise and pound foolish”.  There is a lot more to being a responsible restaurant then saving a buck!   Your customers, your family, and your restaurants health is at stake.

Are you putting your reputation and your customers health at risk?

Research shows, consumers are concerned with the origins of the food they eat. The public opinion is that food can be the root of sickness when not handled correctly. Restaurants who are responsible with where and how they purchase their goods are enjoying increased sales. Look at our video gallery and see the dangers of braking the cold chain.

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