Market Report 1-9-2017


Market Report 1-9-2017

Weekly Market Highlights

  • Wheat futures prices have moved higher since our last communication two weeks ago. Hard red winter wheat futures are showing strength on a reported drop in condition ratings due to cold and drought.
  • Basis premium prices are firm to higher.
  • We could expect to see spring wheat basis strength if weather conditions don’t improve primarily in the
  • Dakotas. Some parts of North Dakota have received more than four and a half feet of snow, and bitter cold conditions make loading wheat and moving it by rail very difficult.
  • Snow cover is forecast for parts of the winter wheat growing area that could benefit from cover for wheat crops and moisture as well.
  • Futures are likely to remain in a fairly narrow trading range, but basis volatility will likely remain.

Facts on Flour: Gold Medal Remarkable

A high gluten spring wheat flour is ideal for breads of large volume, good grain, and texture. It’s excellent for all
types of hearth breads as well as rye and wheat breads and rolls.
Description: A high quality enriched, malted bread flour milled from a selected blend of Hard Red Spring Wheat.
Available bleached or unbleached bromated* or bromated.
Uses: Hearth breads, Kaiser rolls, specialty breads, hard rolls.
*Bromated flour available east of the Rockies only.

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