Market Report 8-21-17

Weekly Market Highlights

  • Wheat futures prices are lower this week; hard red spring wheat futures traded below $7.00 per bushel for the first time since June.
  • Basis premium prices are firm to higher, especially for high protein winter wheat.
  • Last week’s USDA crop report surprised the markets with higher than expected production and yield numbers, resulting in quickly falling futures across the board.
  • Spring wheat harvest in the U.S. Central states is more than 40% completed, a bit ahead of the five-year average for this date. Yields are as expected, low where drought has taken a severe toll on the crop and higher moving east.
  • Kansas City futures are lower than when the recent rally began. Spring wheat futures have not fallen as quickly for good reason, as much is still unknown about the ongoing harvest. Some market participants think we are due for a bounce higher at these levels.

Facts on Flour: Gold Medal Full Strength or Superlative

Perfect “all-around” bread flours provide excellent results in any type of yeast-raised product. They are ideal for pan

breads, rolls, buns, hearth breads and many specialty-baked products. Description: A high quality enriched, malted bread flour available in a variety of treatments, including bleached or unbleached, bromated* or un-bromated.

Uses: Variety breads, thick or thin crust pizza, sweet goods, hard and soft rolls.

*Bromated flour is available east of the Rockies only.

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