Market Report 8-28-17

Market Update 8-28-17


Prices are good and there is plenty of product. This market is steady with good volume.


Restaurant Business reports “salads have been stealing the show for a while: They’re the top-selling entree in full-service restaurant chains and bested only by sandwiches in limited-service restaurant chains. So it’s no surprise that there are increasing ways to make a salad enticing. Consumers order salads in restaurants an average of 1.4 times per week, and operators are working hard to ensure consumers have delicious and flavorful options to choose from.” May I suggest one such way is to offer Mann’s Veggie Power Blend as a salad topping.


Although schools have begun, the market on romaine as well as all leaf items has remained steady. The market remains weak; supplies are abundant. Quality is very good: defects are minimal Shippers are flexing for volume type orders. Green and red leaf, as well as butter, has had good quality as well. Expect competitive pricing and good availability throughout this week.


Green Bell Pepper supply has improved peaking on large #1 followed by choice grade out of Fresno, Ca. We will see more availability as we move into the week. Red bell Pepper is shorter supply this week due to lighter harvest in the central valley. Better demand for choice grade followed by #1 25lb and 15lb, Yellow bells are very limited on the field has grown in California.


Lighter supply on cucumber crossing in Baja California. Excellent color, quality, and condition on all grades, sizes and pack styles. Peaking on Super Select. Started to get a better supply of cartons, heavy to the 42s volume will improve as temperatures continue to drop.


Supplies are good. Quality is fair due to heat related issues and occasional reports of mildew. Prices are somewhat up.


They are elevated. The Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington yellow onion market is steady; red and white onion prices, new seasons have begun. New crop Red and Yellow Onions are now on the market from Washington. Red and Yellow Onions will be available from California and New Mexico through next week. Early reports from the “King” of onions advise crop looks good and is leaning heavily toward Jumbo and Colossal.



The round tomato market continues to increase slightly from last week. Larger sizes of tomatoes are on the short side. A lot of the shippers are having a lighter harvest week, similar to last week, causing the market to creep up. Quality continues to be good at this time. The Mexican vine ripe tomatoes continue to be strong, despite all of the weather occurrences happening throughout the country.


Supplies are very short in the West. The market is quoted high. Inthe East, the market is on the rise as well. Quality is very good on Eastern product. The Western product is good quality as well, but the color is very light.


There are many growing areas in production. These include Central California, Tennessee, Virginia, Eastern Canada, and Michigan. Mexican Roma’s are crossing in McAllen, Texas and San Diego. Even though most areas do not have a lot of volumes, there is enough between all of the growing areas to take some pressure off of the higher markets we have seen the past few weeks. Plus, demand is off this week and prices are adjusting down.


Cherry tomatoes are very short in the West and have been quoted at prices so high FOB, that Chef Zach Nelson would have had to change last Friday’s menu. Supplies are very short in the East as well, and the quotes are a bit cheaper.

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