Market Report Week Of 2-6-17

Market Report Colony Foods (10)

Weekly Market Highlights

  • Wheat futures and basis premium prices are very close to the same levels we reported a week ago following yesterday’s session where futures posted significant gains.
  • Wheat markets found support Wednesday from renewed conflict between Russia and the Ukraine and the potential this hostility could interrupt wheat exports there.
  • Reportedly Russian wheat export prices have been discounted to attract demand, keeping U.S. wheat prices from moving higher to some extent.
  • South American wheat crop conditions have improved, which had lead futures prices lower earlier in the week.
  • U.S. winter wheat crop conditions got mixed reviews this week; Kansas unchanged, other states improved or declined slightly. We expect wheat price volatility short term, but U.S. and world wheat supplies remain abundant.

Facts on Flour

Gold Medal Semolina and Extra Fancy Durum Patent
Gold Medal Semolina and Durum are milled from 100 percent durum wheat. Their high protein level and gluten quality give them the cooking characteristics required for creating the perfect pasta that consumers love.
Description: High-quality Semolina or Durum flour milled from 100 percent durum wheat. 
Uses: Semolina can be used for any pasta product but is primarily used for long pasta goods.
These include spaghetti, fettuccine, vermicelli, linguine or lasagna. Durum is preferable for short pasta products, including elbow macaroni or shells; and sheeted pasta products, including noodles and egg noodles


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