Market Update Report 2-27-17

Market Report Colony Foods (14)

Market Update Report 2-27-17

  • Wheat futures traded lower in three of their four sessions since our last report. Markets were closed Monday due to the Holiday.
  • Prices found support and traded higher yesterday but are still below last week’s price levels.
  • Concerns for dry conditions in winter wheat growing states and fewer acres planted are expected to keep futures from falling very much lower.
  • Producer selling increased during the recent rally but will likely fall off if prices continue to fall.
  • We expect an increase in price fluctuations as we return to a weather market; with much wheat in storage, volatility should not be dramatic.

Facts on Flour: Self-Rising Flour

Self-rising flour is an all-purpose flour with the addition of baking powder and salt. Baking powder, known by bakers as a chemical leavening agent, is a combination of baking soda and leavening acids (sodium aluminum phosphate and monocalcium phosphate). Once in a dough or a batter, the soda and the acids react to release carbon dioxide gas allowing a baked good, such as a cake or biscuit, to rise. The added salt is simply a flavoring component. If it is necessary to use all-purpose flour in recipes calling for self-rising flour, add 1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder and 1/2 teaspoon salt for each cup of flour.
It is important to use a self-rising flour only for recipes that specifically call for this type of flour. A self-rising flour is most commonly used for chemically leavened baked goods such as quick breads (banana bread, pumpkin bread, etc.) and biscuits. A self-rising flour is not used for yeast leavened products such as pizza dough, pan breads, et


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