Market Update Report 5-22-17

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Weekly Market Highlights

  • Wheat futures prices are lower this week with winter wheat futures falling faster than spring.
  • Fears of widespread damage to the winter wheat crop due to the late snowstorm a few weeks ago have eased; the crop seems to be recovering well.
  • Basis premium prices for winter wheat remain very strong as protein and quality of this crop are still unknown, and much of the wheat that has been carried over is not good quality and lacks protein.
  • Basis premium prices for spring wheat have set back as a steady supply of wheat for sale met limited offers from mills.
  • Farmers in North Dakota are making good progress planting their spring wheat crop at last, while farmers in
  • Oklahoma are harvesting their winter wheat.

Facts on Flour: Hard Spring Wheat

This wheat contains the highest protein content of all the wheat classes averaging between 13.5-14.5 percent. It has superior milling and baking properties and is used to produce bread products requiring strong gluten, including hearth breads and rolls, variety breads, bagels and thin pizza crust.
It is often blended with lower protein flours to improve their bread making qualities. The four-state region of North Dakota, Montana, Minnesota and South Dakota grows approximately ninety percent of the Hard Red Spring Wheat in the United State

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