Pizza, Google, and the Modern Era of Internet Marketing

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Pizza, Google, and the Modern Era of Internet Marketing

Depending on who you ask in the pizza business, Google is either a pain in the pizza dough or is one of the greatest things to happen to the industry. Prior to Google, the phone book was pretty much all a company had to promote its restaurant. While it was often daunting to pay for that ad every year, you knew once you did, it was done, and you didn’t have to worry about it for another year (At least for one of the many phone books and advertisements that you needed to count as a regular expense).

The problem with the old way was that it was also a race… It was a race to the bottom; that is, a race to keep prices lower than everyone else, rather than focusing on what you offer to consumers, your focus was on how cheap you could make your pizza to get enough customers in the door to keep the lights on. You may not have realized it, but Google has changed all that, for the better!

With Google, customers search for pizza, rather than search through a phone book for the cheapest pizza. At any given moment, a consumer will pick up their phone to do a search for “Pizza” or “sandwich shop.” They often search for specialty pizza’s, like Greek, Vegetarian, or even Vegan options.

They will also search for something close by, or something that fits a particular atmosphere, such as “great pizza place for business meeting.” These are all things that were not possible in the days of the phone book, and it’s a great time to focus some of your efforts on optimizing your website for search engines so you can grab a bigger piece of the pie (or pizza pie, in this case).

While companies like ours offer SEO, if you have the time, it’s not always necessary to hire an outside company. Great SEO depends on how much tech know-how you have, and how willing you are to learn new things. While SEO is a mystery to most, to insiders, it’s simply keeping on top of new changes to search engines, and making sure to follow the rules and paths for success.

A good internet marketer should be able to increase Google rank (how you are ranked on Google; what place you show on on search engines), in less than a few months. You can also do it yourself. The good thing is, Google makes it easy! Google offers a few free tools to help keep your business growing on the internet.

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There are just 3 things that every business must do:

1. Sign up for Google My Business:

Google My Business is the modern day phone book listing. It’s not the ad (that’s been replaced by online advertising and your website), but rather it’s the most important bare-minimum thing all businesses must do. All you need to do is verify you own the business with Google, or add your business if it doesn’t already show up. You should see your business on the right-hand side, like this (show image – active listing.jpg). You can control your phone, hours, vacation days (even last minute), photos, and everything to make your business look great; you can even do a virtual tour with our company that shows up right in your listing, and not only looks great, but helps to increase your business ranking online.

2. Sign up for Google Analytics:

Google Analytics doesn’t analyze your Google listing; the primary focus is on your website growth. use this to analyze how much traffic is coming to your website, whether they leave quickly, and whether or not your marketing and advertising campaigns are driving more people to your website.

3. Sign up for Google Search Console:

This helps see the errors and problems that Google sees on your website, and once you sign up and activate your website, it takes anywhere from 30-90 days to get a detailed look at what is wrong with your site so you can start making changes and fixing it. It’s the most difficult to learn, but Google offers lots of free information and explains what each thing means.

None of these online marketing tools should be overlooked. The Google listing is the most important, because most people looking for pizza are more likely to search via phone and show up to the restaurant at lunch, rather than looking at an online menu. That being said, the more quality information you have on your website, the higher you rank on Google, thus, your Google listing shows up higher on Google. I’m not talking about when people do a search for your business by name, I’m talking about when they do a search for your product.

I just changed locations, yet, when I do a search for one of my services, I come up 2nd place. Imagine if someone in your neighborhood does a search to find a place for lunch. Do you think at lunch time more people will be searching for your particular business name, or simply “pizza?” They will search for Pizza, and that’s what matters most, and why ranking is so important; because your business offerings, including Pizza, sandwiches, or whatever food you sell, should come up as close to the top as possible to be a contender online.

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