A typical pizza that is picked up or delivered spends 30 minutes to 1 hour in its box before a single bite is taken. The fact is most consumers of your product have accepted the fact that the grease has seeped to the bottom of the box. And that the crust has become soggy, and lifeless. If multiple toppings were selected, a fork may be needed to slurp down the sloppy mess that is sitting on their counter. Unless you have a DeLorean Time machine, Doctor Who’s phone booth, or Scotty from the Star Ship Enterprise. Chances are you are not beaming your pizzas from your oven to your customers’ dinner tables.

Stand Out with the Pizza Savor
pizza savor



Identifying the Problem

Wet Soggy

Wet Soggy Pizza

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                               Protector                 Fluted



Solving the Problem

Pizza  Savor


                          Pizza Savor                        Picture1                                    



                                             Mangia      Pizza Savor Pizza


Use These Products With  Pizza  Savor To Improve Your Pizza


The object is to get your product into your customers mouth piping hot, crisp, and delicious as though you just pulled it out of the oven. Want to know a secret? Colony Foods has the products to help you achieve the best results for take out and delivery pizza. Try these proven products that the most successful pizzerias have been keeping secret. (I am not talking about those little Barbie tables that you put in the center of your pie, to keep the box lid from hitting the pizza. Although we have those too!)



The first ingredient that you should reach for success is KRISP-IT! “When KRISP-IT is applied correctly, KRISP-IT will prevent the excess oil and water (from the toppings) from reaching the dough. KRISP-IT is a special formula of all natural ingredients (bleached wheat flour, salt, sugar and yeast).” KRISP-IT will prevent your crust from getting soggy, it will keep the cheese from sliding, and it can help your calzones and lasagne from running.