Rebate Offer: Armanino Alfredo & Pesto Sauce


Armanino Alfredo & Pesto Sauce

 Did you know that we stock a pesto sauce, and also an alfredo sauce? It’s a great way to spruce up any sandwich or pizza.

The products that we stock are:

Armanino Alfredo Sauce

Packed 4/3# it is a frozen product. The price is $44.98 for the case, which breaks down to $11.25 per 3 pounds. It is a great ready to use product, that way you don’t have to worry about your employees mixing the product correctly. It makes for a great pasta dish, and also a white pizza base!!
Our product code #11010.

Armanino No Nut Pesto

Packed 3/30oz containers and it is a frozen product. The price is $35.99, which breaks down to 11.99 per container. It is a great product to add to sandwiches, or use as a pizza sauce base, and can be used on pasta dishes too. What’s great, is that it contains no nuts it’s perfect for people that are afraid of allergens. Our product code # 11000.

Freshen up your menu without having to purchase additional items. You can use the same turkey that you normally do, just add mozzarella and pesto and you have a wonderful new sandwich!
Pasta is a great way to make money it doesn’t cost a lot it takes hardly any prep work, and by adding some broccoli and chicken you can have an upscale alfredo dish that your customers are going to love
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