Vamp Partner: Pizza Phone System


Pizza Phone System

If you’ve ever lost service on your online ordering or phone lines on a Friday at 6 o’clock then you’ll definitely want to talk to the guys over at Pizza Phone.  What’s great about the pizza phone system is that it has a cell tower backup which prevents you from ever losing phone lines again which is especially important during your busiest time of the day or week.

Pizza Phone also gives you valuable data that you never knew you needed. For example, maybe right now you’ve never even noticed that you’ve lost your phone lines or online ordering during the day but, it’s happened. Maybe they were down for only 10 or 15 minutes which you thought was just a slow time but you actually lost sales because the lines were down. That’s just one example of how this system can help you.

Take a listen to this interview with Greg Rowe from pizza phone system and if you have any questions all the links for this information are below.

Pizza Phone System:

Make sure to mention you listened to their talk on the Colony Foods Vamp page.