Weekly Market Report 1-23-17

Market Report Colony Foods (8)

Weekly Market Highlights
  • Wheat futures prices continued to move higher this week. Basis premium prices are firm.
  • Winter wheat futures found strong support beginning with last week’s USDA report that estimated plantings this year are down 10% and the smallest area planted in more than 100 years.
  • Reports also increased estimates of winter wheat stocks, but there are quality issues with some of what winter wheat is in stock.
  • U.S. spring wheat futures have been supported by strong demand due to quality issues in countries that compete on the export market. However, since the New Year, this support is translating to significantly stronger prices.
  • Weather and rail performance are among other factors that could mean we will see higher wheat and flour prices as the market is turning attention to future crops where the outcome is less certain.

Facts on Flour: Gold Medal Helmet & Golden Shield

Helmet is a bleached pastry flour which is excellent for consistent, rich and delicious cookies and leaner types of
cakes than would normally be made with Purasnow. Golden Shield is the same high quality pastry flour as Helmet,
except Golden Shield is unbleached. Golden Shield creates tender pie crusts and delicious cookies, an excellent pastry flour.
Description: High quality bleached or unbleached and enriched pastry flours milled from a selected blend of soft red winter wheat.
Uses: Cookies, Brownies and bars, Pound cakes, sheet cakes, cupcakes, Pie Crust, Biscuits, Muffins

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