• It’s About Methodology and Consistency

    "Do This Better than Your Competition."

    Make a better product. Have a higher standard of quality. Portray a better image. Be more informed. Elevate efficiency in your operation. If your restaurant can consistently maintain all of these attributes better than your competition. You will take a greater share of the profit from the captive customer base in your demographic. Colony Foods strives to help its customers succeed at this.

    It’s About MORE Than Food Delivery

    "Colony Foods Helped Us Become More Profitable"

    It is true. Colony Foods is extremely efficient at delivering you the goods! However, your business needs more than that from its suppliers. Colony Foods is always looking for the next foodservice product that will put more profit into the pockets of its customers. Your personal Colony Service Representative or your in house Colony Service Specialists are ready to give you a new idea or new item that will drive business to your store.

    It’s About Finding Fresh, New Products

    "A Colony Foods Customer Is an informed operator."

    Colony Foods ensures that our customers are armed with the knowledge of the industry’s freshest and newest products. Colony Foods has a merchandising committee made up of restaurant and pizzeria veterans, Colony Service Representatives, and members of the Colony Procurement team. Together this group finds, inspects, determines relevance, and estimates profit potential on all available products.

    It’s About Choosing Partners With a GREEN INITIATIVE

    "Colony Foods is committed to protecting our environment."

    We employ state of the art energy saving technology for lighting and refrigeration. Our fleet consumes less fuel, and exceed emission standards. Our facility is maintained with eco friendly, green methods. We strive to supply eco friendly, natural, sustainable, recyclable, and humane products. Which helps our customers' reach their environmentally friendly goals.

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  • About Colony Foods

    As an independent family-owned and operated foodservice distributor specializing in the Pizzeria Italian restaurant and Sandwich Shop segment since 1989 Colony Foods appreciates the needs and barriers for profitable growth facing our customers today. At Colony, our employees understand we earn their trust each time we walk through their front or backdoor. Colony shares the challenges of maintaining and growing a profitable Independent business in these days of increased competition and we strive to develop and nurture a reputation as “THE” distributor & supplier partner of differentiation. We encourage our supplier partners to take a vested interest in our success and strive to offer our “mutual” customers Fresh Ideas and New Items which will insure our Customer’s Success and therefore the success of all.

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